Vickers Pressure Washing Co.


Yes! we clean garage parking lots too! even if they are multiple levels. We have commercial grade pressure washing equipment that is perfect for industrial cleaning. Please call us for a free quote.

Yes! yes have commercial grade equipment with high psi pressure that will get your parking lot clean without damaging it. We have several videos on our youtube channel that shows the amazing results we have achieved. Please call us today and we can get you a free quote.

Yes! We currently work with several neighborhood HOAs in Walton County on regular pressure washing jobs. We’d love to learn more about your HOA needs and how we can help. We clean parking lots, commercial businesses, exterior homes, apartments and condos. We can also help with oxidization issues, gutters, fences, decks, walkways, patios and more.
Sometimes pressure is not best for homes or the paint. We often soft wash home surfaces. We use pressure washers for rinsing at high volume and low pressure and cleaning driveways and other surfaces. Soft washing uses low pressure soap to clean and kill organics growing on the outside of your home/property without causing damage. We take our time and make sure to properly clean and rinse your home/property. We are owner operated and we strive for excellence!