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Soft Washing a House

Soft Washing
Soft Washing A House - Vickers Pressure Wash

Noah just finished soft washing this big house. I think it’s about 6,000 square feet front and back. It has a big pool and a pool enclosure. So it’s a lot of house with a lot of little things that make it take a little more time; but we never rush and do things in a bad way. We always take our time and do things properly. So the house looks really good. We actually did this house last year for the first time. And they said that we had better pricing and we did a better job than another company they tried. And they said that their house stayed cleaner longer since we were here last year. So that was really nice feedback. We are doing the driveway now. And then after that we’re done. So I just wanted to show you this house that we soft washed today. We will have more jobs we’ll be showing video of, so you can check out our work.

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