Vickers Pressure Washing Co.

Soft Washing A Driveway

Hi – it’s Ashley with Vickers Pressure Wash Co. Just wanted to show you this driveway soft washing job we’re doing. Today we are washing the driveway and we’ll do the roof washing and the house washing tomorrow when there’s a little bit more light. We started off by blowing the driveway clean to get rid of the gravel and leaves. And then we’ve soft washed the driveway, which is using the low pressure soap to do the cleaning. And then we’re coming through and pressure washing and it’s coming very clean. Looks really good. So this is the soft wash process that we use on driveways to make sure we don’t damage the concrete and I’ll show you some of the work you can tell the difference. It still needs to be rinsed as it’ll look much cleaner when it’s done.

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