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Pressure Washing Prep

You’ve determined that you have an area that needs cleaning, you’ve made your appointment, but before the professionals take over you have one more job to do. Preparing your house for a pressure washing session is an important step to get your home ready and prevent unwanted damage.

Clear the ground

Workers will be walking around as they wash and you want them focusing on the job at hand, not the potential tripping hazards around them. Move any cords, ropes, bicycles, toys, garden decorations, tools, and other items which may be in the way of the workers or the hose.

Put away outdoor items

Pressure wash streams are very powerful and can damage items left outside in the way of their spray. The water will also get all over, so anything that shouldn’t get wet should be removed. Walk around the entire outdoor area that will be washed and put away anything that can be moved. This may include patio furniture, flags, pots, plants, decor, wind chimes, children’s toys, and more. Cars should also be moved into the closed garage or onto the street.

Eliminate electrical hazards

Electricity and water do not play well together and if a stream hits an open outlet it may cause an electrical surge. As you are clearing the exterior of your house don’t forget to check every outdoor outlet. Unplug any cords, electronics, or appliances and cover the open outlets.

Secure the openings

Pressure wash streams are much more intense than rain and storms, so you’ll want to double check that any openings to your house are closed. Obviously all doors and windows should be closed, but also make sure that pet doors and garage doors are completely shut. If you know of any problem areas or leaks where water could come in or damage could occur let the workers know. They may be able to avoid that spot or help you find a way to cover them.

Stay inside

Make sure that for the duration of your appointment you stay inside of the house to avoid injury. This also includes keeping children and pets indoors and monitoring them during the entirety of the session.

At Vickers Pressure Wash Co we will work with you to get your house clean the right way. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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