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Is It Possible To Damage A Roof By Pressure Washing?

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It is important to keep your roof clean. Ashley Vickers, who owns Vickers Pressure Wash, a Santa Rosa Beach roof cleaning company, agrees there are many ways to clean your roof. It is popular to pressure wash your roof. However, this could cause damage to the roof. Before you start any home improvement projects, it is important to do your research and understand the scope of the task to ensure that your the job is completed without any major damage.

If you’re not careful, pressure washing can cause roof damage. Pressure washing can clean your roof and it will look amazing once it is all done but the potential damage caused by pressure washing can be severe.

If your roof is made of Asphalt shingles, for instance, there can be problems. Asphalt shingles include granules. These granules protect your roof against different elements like the sun and rain. These particles can be removed with a power washer. In this case, your roof will not be protected. This means that your roof will need to be replaced soon.

Power washing your roof could also void the warranty. You will be responsible for paying the costs if your roof is damaged. This is important to remember.

How often should your roof be cleaned?

Consider the following when deciding how often to clean your roof:

  • Shade. Some things can grow more efficiently without sunlight, making your roof dirtier.
  • Rainfall. Rainfall increases the chances of algae and mold growth.
  • Foliage. Leaves and other vegetation can cause damage. If a tree is within a short distance of your roof, it will cause more damage.

These elements will affect the frequency with which you clean your roof. Typically we recommend having your roof washed every 2 years.

Why clean your roof?

Over time, your roof can become stained. You might find dirt, moss, or algae on your roof. You can clean your roof to improve its appearance. You can also clean your roof to slow down the rate at which it disintegrates. If your roof becomes corroded by algae, moss, or leaves it will need to be repaired or replaced.

Cleaning your roof can prevent this degradation. This extra effort will save you money. You will save money by not having to repair or replace your roof as often. Your roof will last longer if it is well maintained.

How to clean your roof

It is best to call a professional. After inspecting your roof, they can recommend the best strategy. They have extensive experience and are highly knowledgeable. They will help you choose the right solution for your problem. Select a reliable contractor. These two organizations will provide helpful information.

The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association

The Roof Cleaning Institute of America (RCIA)

As a reminder, pressure washing a roof can cause damage and worthwhile experienced professionals will know this.

If you want to clean your roof yourself, be careful. Climbing up a ladder can pose a risk. Be sure to follow best practices when washing your roof. Bob Vila, home improvement expert, says you can mix bleach and water 50/50. Use low-pressure water. After cleaning the roof, rinse it with clean water.

Before you start, make sure to moisten the plants with water. Bleach can kill them. Give the plants another rinse with clean water. Rinse the roof with clean water after cleaning.

What is the cost of a roof cleaning?

Angie’s List estimates that roof cleaning costs approximately $550. But of course this will vary based on the size of the house or structure, how many stories and more. Vickers Pressure Wash offers Free Quotes so you will know exactly what to expect before signing any contract. Bottom line, Soft Washing is the safest way to clean your roof and keep it in top condition. Consult a specialist if you are unsure.

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