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Dangers of a Dirty Roof


Roof cleaning is often low on the list of house cleaning priorities. The roof surface is more out of sight and may not feel as urgent, but neglecting this part of your house is more problematic than just the effect on its appearance. There are many problems that can arise due to a dirty roof.

Dangers of a Dirty Roof

The roof is the part of the house most exposed to the elements with every type of weather beating down on it and causing wear and tear. It’s important to check your roof after rain, snow, windstorms, or during the fall as trees are losing leaves nearby, periodically clearing off debris as needed. This can be a great preventative to extend time between necessary cleanings.

The major culprits when it comes to roof damage are mold, moss, mildew, and algae. They develop when the dampness from rain or snow combines with the debris on your roof which may have built up over time. If these organisms are allowed to continue growing and developing, they can wear away the material of the roof and get in between the shingles, leading to decay and causing significant damage to your roof. Rot can take hold and break down the roof structure, leading to leaks and allowing bugs, rodents, birds, and other pests into your home.

Mold can develop in damp conditions, generally appearing as brown, black, or green patches. A major concern with mold growth is that it is damaging to your family’s health if inhaled or with regular exposure.

Moss appears as fuzzy green patches growing on your roof. It thrives in moist, humid environments and holds even more moisture as it develops which is harmful to roofs.

Algae spores travel easily through the wind until it finds a place to grow. The blue-green algae found most often on roofs also does well in wet or damp areas and appears as a dark, streaky stain.

By putting off the simple fix of regular roof cleaning, you are potentially inviting a lot of expensive and inconvenient problems for yourself down the line. Make sure to check your roof periodically, get regular cleanings, and contact a professional for assessment right away if you notice discoloration or streaks on the roof surface.

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