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Cleaning Starbucks: Restaurant Exterior Pressure Washing

Hey guys, we’re washing the Starbucks here. I’ve already soft washed the concrete here. We’re doing the curbs, the back. I think we’re doing Jimmy John’s and Grimaldi’s as well. We’re doing this back, their back patio area. Or not patio, sidewalk. So we’re doing the concrete paths, all these curbs. We’re doing the front patio, the windows. So we’re doing quite a bit. We’re just cleaning it up. We’re almost halfway done. And I’ll show you just a little bit. This is without the hot water. We’re about to turn the hot water on. You can see, I mean, it’s dirty in general. They just wanted just a basic cleaning. And gum removal is something they’re not really sure if they want to do right now. They might. We’ll see how it goes. But we also have degreasers we can use.

Cleaning Starbucks   Vickers Pressure Washing Company

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