Cleaning Starbucks: Restaurant Exterior Pressure Washing

Hey guys, we’re washing the Starbucks here. I’ve already soft washed the concrete here. We’re doing the curbs, the back. I think we’re doing Jimmy John’s and Grimaldi’s as well. We’re doing this back, their back patio area. Or not patio, sidewalk. So we’re doing the concrete paths, all these curbs. We’re doing the front […]

30A Commercial Pressure Washing By Vickers Pressure Wash Co

Business Parking Lot

This video shows the amazing transformation possible through pressure washing by Vickers Pressure Wash Co. First, we see the church parking lot covered in dirt, grime, and general wear and tear. Then, we watch as the Vickers Pressure Wash Co. team does their work, and the end result is a sparkling clean parking lot that […]

Residential Soft Washing Services Santa Rosa Beach


We offer house washing, and roof washing. Driveway cleaning. We clean with 2 methods. We use high end commercial equipment for pressure washing and soft washing. Soft washing is low pressure washing done with soap solutions. Each surface we clean is custom tailored based on its needs. Soft washing kills the algae on the exterior […]

Ways to Wash

Ways to wash

When you have messy surfaces in need of attention, you may immediately think of the videos where a pressure washer quickly and easily blasts messes away til surfaces look shockingly brand new again. Before you go out and start blasting water and expecting a clean surface, it is important to know that there is more […]

Pressure Washing Prep

You’ve determined that you have an area that needs cleaning, you’ve made your appointment, but before the professionals take over you have one more job to do. Preparing your house for a pressure washing session is an important step to get your home ready and prevent unwanted damage. Clear the ground Workers will be walking […]

Dangers of a Dirty Roof


Roof cleaning is often low on the list of house cleaning priorities. The roof surface is more out of sight and may not feel as urgent, but neglecting this part of your house is more problematic than just the effect on its appearance. There are many problems that can arise due to a dirty roof. […]

Types of Roofs


Cleaning your roof is an important part of owning a home. Your roof is a major structure which protects your home and family from the elements. If you don’t take care of it by regularly clearing off debris and keeping up with professional cleaning, mold, moss, algae, and more can grow and cause extensive damage. […]

Is It Possible To Damage A Roof By Pressure Washing?

roof pressure washing

It is important to keep your roof clean. Ashley Vickers, who owns Vickers Pressure Wash, a Santa Rosa Beach roof cleaning company, agrees there are many ways to clean your roof. It is popular to pressure wash your roof. However, this could cause damage to the roof. Before you start any home improvement projects, it […]

What Makes Vickers Pressure Washing Co Different

Vickers Pressure Washing Co

Vickers Pressure Wash Co. · What Makes Us Different My name is Ashley and my husband Noah and I own Vickers Pressure Washing Co. I wanted do this video to explain what makes us different from other pressure washing companies. What you see in this video is not our work. We’re in Alabama right now, […]

Soft Washing A Driveway

Soft Washing

Hi – it’s Ashley with Vickers Pressure Wash Co. Just wanted to show you this driveway soft washing job we’re doing. Today we are washing the driveway and we’ll do the roof washing and the house washing tomorrow when there’s a little bit more light. We started off by blowing the driveway clean to get rid […]